Dream Build - Series 1

DREAM BUILD is a new series about Aussies who have been lucky enough to turn the dream of building their own home into a spectacular reality. The front door will open to some of Australia’s cutting edge homes revealing what can happen when the brief is pushed on design and budget.
Each owner will share their experience of throwing down ambitious and challenging briefs to their architect in the hope of creating a one in a million home. The architect will reveal their design secrets and how they rose to the challenge to give their client not only the home but also the lifestyle of their dreams.
Ep 1 - Hill House
The first episode features a Melbourne couple faced with a dilemma familiar to many parents. With three young kids they quickly found themselves out growing their small terraced home.
Ep 2 - House for a Car
Cherise Collins has had a passion for cars since she was 15 and to date has bought and sold over 160! When she was briefing her architect she said she would prefer to be out driving than gardening. And she didn't want doors in the house. As Architect Damian Campagnaro says, "I've had all sorts of unusual requests from owners, but this is the first time I'd been asked for a house to be built around a car!"
Ep 3 - Goldfields
What will happen to a Victorian goldfields ruin when the architect’s first thought is, “What am I going to do that that?” Hard-working Melbournites Wayne and Chris spent many a weekend getting out to the country. They came to love the area around Ullina, near the towns of Smeaton and Clunes, so much that they started looking for a property.
Ep 4 - Warburton
The Great Wall of Warburton is the backbone of a house built to give its owner a new life. Peter Falvey's busy life in Melbourne as a foreign aid project director made him yearn for the tranquillity of the country and he found land in the Warburton Valley. His vision for a house was that it should be serene, peaceful with a reflective ambience, fit into the environment and be somewhere that one day he could live full-time.
Ep 5 - Maleny House
How do you build the perfect house in the Glass House Mountains when you can only visit the site twice during its construction? Having always lived in big cities, international banker Robert Hadley and his wife Anne wanted somewhere quiet to build and when they stumbled across a block in the Glass House Mountains with spectacular views, they knew they had to have it.
Ep 6 - Castlecrag
Castlecrag is a house about memories. Perched on a steep escarpment overlooking Sugarloaf Bay in Sydney's Middle Harbour, this award-winning house is a re-imagined version of the original family home built in the 1940s by the current owner's grandfather.
Ep 7 -East Melbourne
A neglected inner-city Melbourne terrace house originally designed by the notable colonial architect Joseph Reid in 1856 is transformed with a brilliant blending of old and new, and the addition of an atrium.
Ep 8 - Smith House
Imagine a home that is shiny, sparkling, a bit sexy and good enough to take on your arm to the Logies, that's the Smith House - a 'trophy home'
Ep 9 - Beach Shack
Some locals nicknamed it 'the plane crash' when it was under construction - and the owners admit their dream holiday home is a sculptural artwork that divides opinion. Brother and sister Derek and Marian Drew built the house in bushland only 100 metres from a beautiful Queensland surf beach near the town of Agnes Water. As teenagers, they had enjoyed idyllic camping trips to the same spot. Now, they wanted to replicate those holidays - but with a lot more luxury.

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9 x 7 mins
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $110

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