Dr Karl Kruszelnicki's Great Moments in Science

Celebrate the strange and wonderful place that is our universe with Australia's most popular Science Communicator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. As Dr Karl explores some of the Great Moments in Science, he answers questions you never knew existed. Featuring award-winning animation and live performance, Great Moments In Science is a mixture of scientific, humourous and fascinating stories which will make you laugh and learn.
How did the Black Plague and superior weapons technology at the Battle of Agincourt give us the 'rude' Two Finger Salute?
How come the first artificial object in space was not the Sputnik, but and American man-hole cover?
Did you know that there really was a Murphy of the famous Murphy's Law, and how does this relate to tumbling toast and the planet Venus?
Why is it safer for a cat to fall from 32 stories than from 7?

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Production Year: 
44 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88
Home $66

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