Dimensions Health Special - The Truth About Fat

Over 40% of us are on a diet at any time...and we're constantly being told how awful being overweight is. There is a huge industry to support it - special meals at home, new-fangled diets, pills and books by the thousand. We're also constantly told obesity is the cause of the diabetes epidemic. While all this getting fat is going on, we're living longer and healthier. Are we being conned by the weight loss industry? Segments include:

Fat Facts

Are we being conned by the weight-loss industry? Is being fat really as dangerous as they say it is? We speak to an expert about this issue.

High Protein Diets

High protein/low carbohydrate diets like the Dr Atkins diet and the Zone diet are all the rage at the moment, but are they any better at taking off weight and keeping it off?

Visceral Fat

It's not just how much fat you've got which is a health risk, it's where the fat is. People with abdominal (visceral) fat are much more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, stroke and hypertension than people with fat on the hips.

Good Fat Bad Fat

For years we've been told the best way to lose weight and to keep our cholesterol levels in check is to cut fat from the diet. But the National Heart Foundation says fat is now officially recognised as an essential part of a balanced diet. The only catch is that there are 'good' fats and 'bad' fats.

Fat Pill

Taking a pill to shed the kilos may seem like a dream come true but like all pharmaceutical drugs there are potential side effects. And because pills work the same way as diets -i.e, they reduce the number of calories you take in – when you stop taking the pills the weight comes back on.

Mind over Fat

We look at why diets work in the short term, but don’t in the long term and how changing your metal attitude to food can help make permanent change.

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