Difference of Opinion

Respected journalist Jeff McMullen returns to ABC TV to host a series of fascinating discussions about Australia's future. In Difference of Opinion Jeff McMullen and a panel of free thinkers exchange a range of views and opinions on the biggest challenges facing Australia today.

A Fair Go

Are Australians unhappy with the influx of people from Arab and North African countries? Or is this country still one of the most tolerant and best examples of racial harmony in the world?

Are We Running On Empty?

How do we quit our addiction to oil? Are modified cars the answer to the coming oil shock? Or should we seriously rethink individual car ownership?

Australians on the Front Line

We put to our panel of former senior defence personnel and strategic analysts the questions of Australia's involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan - when will be the right time to bring our troops home, how will we know we achieved our aims?

Australia's Anti-terror Laws

Have anti-terror laws made us safer and more able to prevent a terrorist attack here or have they had little impact?

Home Sweet Home

More than half a million low-income households are paying more than 30% of their income in rent. Home ownership, particularly among people under 35, is steadily declining across the country and recent home buyers are increasingly suffering "mortgage stress".

I.R. - Who's The Fairest Of Us All?

Difference of Opinion examines the battleground of opposing industrial relations policies. The I.R. war of words is involving not just the political parties, but unions and employers.

Is the union movement an endangered species?

Early in 2007 former Prime Minister Paul Keating said the union movement was "dying on the vine", and that it was "dying out of lack of passion" and "general incompetence". Is he right?

New Deal for Indigenous Australians

In a landmark speech, Prime Minister John Howard spoke of the nation's need to complete some 'unfinished business', that it was time for a 'more positive and unifying approach to reconciliation'.

Nuclear or Not?

Is nuclear power right for Australia? What are the economics? Will the new generation of reactors be ready?

Privatisation: For Better or Worse?

Over the past 20 years, federal and state governments have brought in a harvest of more than $100 billion from a wave of privatisation.

Putting Education to the Test

Are our teachers and schools world class or are we failing our kids? Is there a dangerous divide developing between public and private schooling? How do we rate and value our teachers?

The Way We Work

Australians are working some of the longest hours in the world, but at what cost? Are we working too hard, at the expense of our health, our families and personal happiness?

Waterproofing Australia

As our rivers and dams dry up, where we're going to get water from, and how we can use it more efficiently, are vitally important decisions we have to make.

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