Devil You Know, The

Heroin and alcohol - two drugs with very different reputations. One is feared and one is glamourised. Some experts are now claiming that Australians should re-examine their attitudes to these drugs - is heroin the demon we have all been led to believe it is? This program explodes some of the popular myths surrounding heroin and alcohol. It examines Australians' attitudes to these drugs - who uses them, why they use them and the effects on the individual and society as a whole.
The film talks to medical experts from around Australia and users of both heroin and alcohol. It also follows the work of two paramedics, Bob Harrold and Peter Annetts, based in inner Sydney who deal with the casualties of both drugs - the heroin users who often accidentally overdose and the constant stream of people who regularly overdose on alcohol. Is our current approach of banning heroin and glamourising alcohol the best way to deal with our 'drug problem'?

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Production Year: 
70 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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