Dead Drunk - Lights Out in the Cross?

Dead Drunk: Lights Out in the Cross? is part observational documentary, part event TV, responding to current concerns about Australia's drinking and party culture and the propensity of young men and, increasingly, women for violence.
Filmed across 12 hours on a Saturday night in April 2014, the program follows four groups of partygoers as they revel in Sydney's Kings Cross before new lockout laws end their fun.
Footage from half a dozen camera crews, the mobile phones of characters and fixed street cameras bring to life the stories of key participants in the Kings Cross carnival over one night.
Leading figures and commentators are also thrown into the Kings Cross mosh pit, each giving their expert views on the way we drink and the alcohol-fuelled violence that so often follows.
The film provides a very current snapshot of the Cross as the new lockout laws are implemented and bemoaned, endorsed and vilified, supported and disobeyed.
The double DVD set also includes Dead Drunk: After Hours with Tom Tilley, a live chat about the issues raised in the program which aired on ABC2 directly following the broadcast of Dead Drunk: Lights Out in the Cross?

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1 x 57mins plus panel discussion with Tom Tilley
Series Episode
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Schools $88
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