Day of Days

On June 6, 1944 thousands of Allied servicemen landed on the shores of northern France, with a mission to free Western Europe from Nazi tyranny.
Some came by air, parachuting behind enemy lines. Others came in small landing craft, braving rough seas and booby trapped coastal defences. Over the ensuing hours and days, the men faced decimating machine-gun fire, mortars and artillery, eventually fighting their way inland, but not before suffering a number of casualties.
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings, four American D-Day veterans gather at the famed Museum of World War II in Boston, Massachusetts to share their experiences from that fateful day.
They vividly recall details from their ordeal, including the perils of the amphibious assault and the moment when many of them, trapped on the beach under heavy fire, thought the invasion may not turn out the way they hoped and planned. Their testimony yields long-buried and often painful memories. They recount their transformations from boys to men, reveal their uneasiness with the term "hero," and grapple with the haunting question: why did they survive when so many others did not?
As one veteran recalls: " was hell, and don't let anybody tell you it was different, because it was hell."

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