Compass - Widows of War

This Anzac special tells the stories of Australian women from different eras all widowed by war.
Anzac Day is a time to commemorate the men and women who fought and died; the battles won and lost. But there's another story rarely told, about the women who waited at home, and were left bereft and alone. Around 100 000 Australian women are classified as 'war widows'. Many lost their husbands in wartime; others in war-related circumstances afterwards. This program follows the stories of four women whose husbands fought in different conflicts - World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War and Afghanistan. Although from different eras, their stories of anguish and loss transcend time and place. How they coped - then and now; how they were supported; and, who or what they turned to are all be explored in this poignant story to screen on the eve of Anzac Day.

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Production Year: 
28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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