Compass - Why I'm Still...

In this series Geraldine Doogue invites Muslims, Jews and Christians to dinner to explore what they believe and why?
50 years ago in Australia God knew best, and religion was part of everyday life. Today religious institutions are under scrutiny and belief is considered by some to be irrelevant. So, what’s in it for those who remain true to their faith?
Ep 1 - Why I'm Still...Muslim
Assad Karem, Maha Sukkar, Mohammed El-Ieissy, Noha Sayed and Susan Carland talk about what being a Muslim means to them, how their faith informs their lives and the challenges they face in a post 9/11 world.
Ep 2 - Why I'm Still...Jewish
Bram Presser, Timmy Rubin, Mark Baker and Ronni Kahn talk about how their faith has informed their values, what makes ‘a good Jew’, the role of women in Judaism, and the contentious Israeli-Palestinian divide.
Ep 3 - Why I'm Still...Catholic
Kristina Keneally, Christopher Geraghty, Thomas Wilson and Mary-Clare Meney - talk about what God means to them, how their faith informs their lives, what makes ‘a good Catholic’, and how they reconcile their Catholic identity with the shame of the sexual abuse crisis that has engulfed their church.

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