Compass - Sex Special

This three-part special series takes a look at the role sex plays in society today.
Sex, Faith and Marriage
Compass investigates the rules about sex within three different faiths. For Muslims sex within marriage is seen as an act of worship, although in the public arena the emphasis is on de-sexualising the body. For many Jewish women, the Mikvah or ritual immersion in pure water is a monthly pre-requisite before sex. And with many Hindus, although sex is not expressed openly in everyday life, the worshipping of a god represented as a phallic symbol is. We also uncover the facts behind some popular myths. Do Orthodox Jews really have sex through a hole in the sheet? What do modern Hindus think about the Kama Sutra?
Sex, Kids and the Classroom
Everyone thinks they know more about sex than the previous generation. But is this true? Is it a school's job to teach kids about sex? What about parents? And how has technology, such as the mobile phone and the internet, affected our children's attitudes to sex and relationships? Is the biological aspect of relationships still taught by fitting a condom on a banana? And, how are other aspects of sexuality such as relationships and intimacy handled in the education system? Compass turns up for class in three very different schools to find out.
Sex, Lies, and Cyberspace
Sex sells, and it's everywhere like never before. Think of the detailed coverage of Tiger Woods' misadventures, or even the International Air Sex Championships. Geraldine Doogue invites five people to the Compass table for a provocative conversation about sex in the 21st century. What are the current moral codes and taboos? Our guests – young and old - discuss the very public nature of sex: its power, prevalence and potential danger in the internet age.

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3 x 28 mins
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Schools $132

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