Compass - Secular Soul

This program examines the changing patterns of belief in this country, and coincided with the release of the Australian 2001 Census figures which confirmed the continuing decline of traditional Christianity in Australia, yet affirmed an alternative growing diversity of belief and practices.
Pt 1 - Spiritual Market Place
This episode looks at the nation's burgeoning spiritual market place and investigates the decline in attendance in traditional churches. In the 1960's & 70's this was interpreted as the death of God and the rise of secular society, but increasingly surveys show that despite this decline in interest in formal religion, spiritual beliefs are as strong as ever. People now bring a consumer mentality to religion. They shop around, mixing and matching to come up with their own personal system of belief.
Pt 2 - Ceremonies
"Ceremonies" looks at how we celebrate major life events; birth, marriage, death, in a secular context. Even though the civil celebrant movement began only thirty years ago, they now conduct just over half of the weddings in Australia and a substantial percentage of funerals.
Pt 3 - Atheists
In this final part of 'Secular Soul' we meet people who have no place for God in their lives and beliefs. We meet four prominent Australian atheists: ethicist Peter Singer, geologist Ian Plimer, retired politician Diana Warnock and author of 'Godless Gospel' Dick Gross. We look at how they came to be atheists, and how they live their lives in the absence of religion.

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