Compass - Prison Chaplains

For the first time, a series examines the work of dedicated Prison Chaplains who provide much needed pastoral and spiritual care to more than 30,000 men and women locked up in Australian prisons.

Part one goes inside Cessnock and John Moroney Correctional Centres in NSW where two very different chaplains help offenders meet the challenges of incarceration and find meaning in their lives.

In Part two we meet Chaplain Suzie Johnson, an Evangelical Christian with a big heart and her work at Dillwynia Correctional Centre is defined by her own experience of life’s challenges. Zoe and Lesley are inmates who have been profoundly affected by Suzie’s support. To Lesley she is a confidante who will always keep a secret, for Zoe who has embraced Christianity as a lifeline to change, Suzie offers the pathway to a better life.

In Part three, Chaplain Kim Miller visits James who will soon be released from Lithgow Correctional Centre. To help James adjust to life on the outside Kim offers him a place at Friendship House, a Newcastle based initiative that helps newly released prisoners re-enter society. But will James turn up? Meanwhile Jeremy and Gary, once repeat offenders, reveal how the people at Friendship House have helped turn their lives around.

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3 x 28 mins
Prison Chaplains
Series Episode
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