Compass - Good Life, A

In this three-part series, prominent Australians present their view and ideas on 'a good life'. Each program features one guest whose argument is then examined in interview with Compass presenter Geraldine Doogue.

Gay Bilsen
In this episode we look at the life of Gay Bilsen who is a former restaurateur, and now a writer and book reviewer. Her first book, Plenty: Digressions on Food was named the 2005 Age Book of the year. Ostensibly about food, Plenty was also a rich expression of Gay's life philosophy, one refined and generously shared in her latest book, On Digestion. Gay left her high profile and successful career as a restaurateur for a home in the country where time to read, cook and be alone has become her recipe for 'a good life'.

Ian Gawler
Cancer survivor and renowned healer, Ian Gawler talks about his pioneering work in integrated 'mind-body' medicine and the therapeutic use of meditation and nutrition. He claims his prescription for healthy living is synonymous with a good life.

Peter Singer
Australian philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer talks about alleviating world poverty, the subject of his latest book The Life You Can Save. He argues the affluent West has a moral responsibility to help the world's extreme poor, and that if we do – we will lead a better life as a result.

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