Compass - God in the Lodge

God in the Lodge examines the religious beliefs of Australia's Prime Ministers from Federation to now. In recent years our Prime Ministers' religious beliefs have become more public but in our increasingly secular age, it's an aspect of political life rarely explored. Compass investigates the religious backgrounds of Australia's Prime Ministers from Edmund Barton to Tony Abbott, revealing in detail how their beliefs shaped their personal and political lives.

Part 1
1901 - 1966 tells how our first Prime Minister's meeting with the Pope outraged Australia's majority Protestant population back home, how Billy Hughes fanned the flames of religious sectarianism in WW1's conscription debates and reveals the fallout for Ben Chifley when he married outside the Catholic Church.

Part 2
1966-2014 looks at how Harold Holt epitomised a change in the religious tenure of life in 1960s Australia, how Gough Whitlam was our most religiously-informed non-believer, and how John Howard appealed to Christian voters.

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God in the Lodge
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