Compass - Catholic Dilemma Pts 1 and 2

Takes a look at the pulse of the Roman Catholic Church in Australia, coinciding with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Australia and World Youth Day in Sydney.
Part 1 – Sex or Celibacy
The Roman Catholic Church is running out of priests. Soon it won't have enough to conduct Sunday masses. Priestly candidates are now being brought in from overseas, and ex-Anglican priests are being recruited. But these strategies may present more problem than solutions. Some Anglican-converts are already married. So, if marriage is no impediment for ex-Anglicans, why the prohibition on married Catholic priests? Lay people and clergy are calling for change. Geraldine Doogue meets some who've left the priesthood and some who've stayed.
Part 2 - Women: The Silenced Majority
Part two of our special on the Roman Catholic Church in Australia, Geraldine Doogue examines the experience of women. Women outnumber men in the Catholic Church, but rarely are their voices heard. 40 years after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, the church still denies women positions of authority, leadership and power. In this episode we meet four women grappling with what it means to be Catholic in the 21st Century.

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