Compass - Buddha Realms

Buddha Realms is a major two-part series that explores the origins of Buddhism, its major doctrines, and its relevance today. Crossing six countries, the first of the two episodes look at Buddhism in the East today, where every major tradition has had an impact across the Asian continent, with the second episode exploring Buddhism in the West, where spiritual seekers are making this one of the fastest and most influential religions in the world today. Ep 1 - The Delusion of Permanence Buddhism has taken many forms throughout its 2500 year history. In the East the figure of the Buddha has paralleled the shifts in Buddhist philosophy, and assumed shapes and styles consistent with the manner in which Buddhism has been practiced and believed. Ep 2 - Permanent Change Part two of Buddha Realms looks at Buddhism in the West, where it is growing rapidly. But in adapting to western culture and history, has the image of the Buddha transformed beyond recognition?

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55 mins
Series Episode
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