Compass - Broken Open

Sports journalist and broadcaster Craig Hamilton was about to catch a train from his hometown Newcastle for the assignment of a lifetime, covering the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. By the end of the day he'd experienced a violent psychotic episode and was in the high security ward of a psychiatric hospital.
When he was diagnosed with manic depression or bipolar disorder Craig had to re evaluate his life. He started work as a coal miner and pursued a second career as a talented amateur sportsman and later as a part time broadcaster. The huge demands of this dual career plus a hectic social life required almost superhuman energy and took its toll; his eventual full time work as a broadcaster changed nothing and eventually he succumbed to suicidal despair. He was diagnosed as depressive and recovered oblivious to the mania that was soon to drive him to psychosis. Was this mania the force behind a remarkable career?
Broken Open documents Craig's profound transformation in the recovery from his worst psychotic episode. The experience has given him new insights into his own life and spirituality. He now believes that his terrible experience was the best thing that has ever happened to him.
This program provides a unique first hand account of a rarely discussed mental health issue. It's a story told with courage and breathtaking honesty by a very engaging bloke.

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30 mins
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