Chequerboard Revisited

Chequerboard got its name from a poem by Ohmar Khayyam. Today the series is still regarded as one of the ABC TV landmark programs. Between 1969 and 1975, the 11 series of 13 programs each were produced. Chequerboard Revisited combines elements of the original stories with present day footage of those who featured in the stories all those years ago.
Ep 1 - Tis All a Chequeboard
In 1974 Chequerboard celebrated its 100th program. Episode One of Chequerboard Revisited follows up on two of the early stories, returning to visit the homosexual couple that "came out" on Chequerboard, Peter Bonsall Boone and Peter de Waal, as well as the couple that got married on Chequerboard, Margaret and Peter Pace. Did these relationships last the test of time?
Ep 2 - You Can't Have a Child That Looks Ugly
Chequerboard's program about child performers went to air in 1970. Chequerboard Revisited returns to find two of the children, Max Brophy and Grant Seiden leading very different lives today.
Ep 3 - I Reckon I'm An Average Australian
In 1972 Chequerboard found Margaret and Kevin Owens both working full time to the detriment of their life and marriage. Two years later the 100th episode revisited the Owens and found their life and relationship had improved over time. 26 years later, Chequerboard Revisited met with the Owens once again and discovered what happened to their relationship and their family in the intervening years.
Ep 4 - Oh, Everybody Happy
In 1975 Chequerboard made a program about the first two hundred Vietnamese refugees to arrive in Australia from war torn Vietnam. In Chequerboard Revisited we return to two of the refugees interviewed; Dang Thi Lan a young Vietnamese woman who worked as an interpreter and Ambrose Dingh, a pilot who was struggling to rebuild his shattered life in Australia. Twenty five years later, Lan is helping to keep the Vietnamese culture alive by performing traditional Vietnamese songs and dances for her community. Ambrose too is involved with the Vietnamese community by working as a probation and parole officer and helping his countrymen who have fallen into lives of crime.
Ep 5 - That One Piece of Paper
In 1972 Chequerboard looked at the life and education choices made by two sixteen-year old boys as they approached the end of their 4th year at Liverpool High School in Western Sydney. Pat (Pasquale) Scuglia was a teenage rebel who'd had enough of school after four years, while Ken Silvester made the choice to return to school for the final two years to get "that piece of paper". 28 years later in Chequerboard Revisited we meet Pat and Ken again and hear about the events which created the lives they have today.

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