Catalyst - The Time of Our Lives

In this double episode of Catalyst about ageing, we’ll ask, is it our livers, free radicals, or simply our body’s mistakes that age us, and in Part 2, we look at the race to find the ageing 'cure'. Part 1 In our youth-obsessed world, we put considerable effort into hiding the ravages of time by wearing make-up, dyeing our hair, or even lying about our age, but the reality is we are all getting older. This episode of Catalyst gets under our skin to explore what happens inside our bodies as we age and we discover that it's a mysterious process; even though we are familiar with the signs of age, the jury is still out on why we age. Is it our livers, our genes or even too much oxygen that makes us old? Catalyst exposes the enigma of age, as some of the world's cutting-edge scientists compete to explain it. Part 2 Science meets hope in this episode of Catalyst, as some of the world's leading minds take us on their race for the ageing "cure." Can we really stay young through diet, or is the way we get old all in the mind? Science is chasing a longevity pill - but should we be tampering with the cycle of life and death? In this, the second part of Catalyst's special on ageing, we'll see how close we are to living healthier, longer lives. We also ask whether the human brain and its ability to extend our life expectancy could achieve more than is good for us.

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54 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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