Catalyst - Sleep: Getting Enough

If you're feeling sleep deprived because you've just had a baby, if you're a teenager whose always tired, if you're wound up by your frantic lifestyle and can't slow down at night, or if you're struggling to sleep because you're wracked with pain, then this program is a must watch.

Sleeping with Pain

It's generally accepted that the older we get the less we sleep, but many older people don't get as much sleep as they should - or could - and chronic pain is often the culprit. But, as Tanya Ha finds out, cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, can help interrupt the feedback loop of pain causing loss of sleep causing more pain.

Sleeping With Baby

By sleeping next to its mother an infant receives warmth, emotional reassurance, and breast milk - in just the forms and quantities intended by nature. In Western societies the well established practice of parents and infants sleeping together is thought of as strange and unhealthy. However Baby sleep Expert Dr James Mckenna says that the practice of mothers and infants sleeping apart is a ''mismatch'' of cultural norms and infant biology. Maryanne Demasi explores current attitudes to sleeping with baby and the uncomfortable subject of 'controlled crying'.

Staying Up Late

If you struggle to get your teen out of bed in the mornings and off the computer at night, it's not necessarily their fault. A number of research projects have found that teenagers experience a delay in their sleep phase timing which makes them want to go to sleep, and wake up later. Still, teenagers generally don't get enough sleep which can lead to obesity, bad memory & poor grades, as well as mood disorders and potentially more serious mental health issues. Graham Phillips reports on the biological changes that turn teenagers into night owls.

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