Catalyst - Planet of the Rings/Descent to Titan/Sea of Mars

Planet of the Rings
Saturn. Girdled by its mighty rings, this is the most instantly recognisable yet least understood of the planets. Now, after a 7 year journey through the solar system, the Cassini spacecraft finally arrived for what proved to be an unforgettable four year orbital mission. Cassini carried a second spacecraft, the Huygens probe. Huygens was hitching a lift to Saturn's largest moon: the enigmatic Titan.
Descent to Titan
Catalyst reporter Dr Richard Smith was at mission control in Darmstadt, Germany when the Huygen's Probe began a fiery 3.5 hour descent down to the surface of Titan. Scientists were on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting data and images which could uncover many of Titan's secrets - but they were also biting their nails with anticipation that the data would arrive at all.
Voyage to the Sea of Mars
Robot spacecraft are sniffing, scratching and snapping Mars like never before. The picture emerging is of an active planet once home to salty oceans and the conditions for life.

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92 mins
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