Catalyst - Panic Dynamic

If you've ever been caught in the crush of a crowd at a sports stadium you'll have wondered if there is a faster way to get people out of an exit. Well, it turns out there is, and the simplicity of the method might surprise you.
A collaboration between an insect scientist and engineers has found that, remarkably, placing a post in front of and set back slightly from the exit is the answer. It seems counter–intuitive: surely putting a blockage near an egress would make things worse. But in fact the opposite is true: the post slows people down slightly, allowing a smoother and ultimately faster flow of the crowd through the exit.

This program is released for non theatrical use within educational, government and business organisations. Additional payments under a Screenrights licence are not required. Please contact us for Exhibition or Streaming Licences.

Production Year: 
5 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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