Catalyst - Kids on Drugs

Special report on the growing use of drugs in children with behavioural disorders.


Many of the children currently taking drugs for ADHD may not need them, say Swinburne University researchers. The alternative, drug-free treatment known as neurotherapy may work for them. Neurotherapy is biofeedback for the brain and involves the children correcting their own faulty brainwave patterns by playing a computer game. Electrodes connect their brain to the computer, and by winning the game their brainwaves are gradually put right.

Kids On Prozac

In America children as young as four are being put on Prozac-like antidepressants. Will childhood depression be the next epidemic here? Psychiatrist George Halasz believes it will be, and he says many children will be put on these drugs unnecessarily. The kids-on-drugs epidemic is not being driven by a genuine need, he claims, but by a change in the way psychiatrists diagnose mental disorders.

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kids on drugs
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