Catalyst - Hypnosis

For hundreds of years hypnosis has been associated with sideshows and magical mind control, but now cutting edge science is discovering that the real story is quite different, and sometimes even more incredible. In this programme we put hypnosis to the test, following some amazing stories, we find out if and how hypnosis works. We discover if hypnosis can extinguish pain as we meet a woman who is about to undergo abdominal surgery without an anaesthetic. We investigate the controversial practice of forensic hypnosis, following a case where hypnosis helped put one of America's worst serial rapists behind bars. We find out what hypnosis can do for you; following two people's personal forays into hypnosis as they try to lose weight; and overcome a crippling phobia. Find out along the way what it feels like to be hypnotised, how it's done and whether it's likely to work for you. With the help of scientists and hypnotists we delve deep into our bodies and brains to find out what's really going on as we go under.

This program is released for non theatrical use within educational, government and business organisations. Additional payments under a Screenrights licence are not required. Please contact us for Exhibition or Streaming Licences.

30 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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