Catalyst - Genius of Junk

Winner - Australian Museum Eureka Awards 2004 Australian Government Eureka Prize for Science Journalism was awarded to[Genius of Junk] on August 12. Right in the midst of the Genetic Congress 2003, Catalyst reveals the extraordinary mistake made by the vast majority of the genetics community - the failure to recognise the vital importance of so-called Junk DNA. Dr Malcolm Simons is an internationally recognised immunologist. A New Zealand born Australian, he has spent 30 years of his life hunting for new and better ways to diagnose disease. Along the way he has gained a reputation as somewhat of an eccentric. He has been married – and divorced - five times. He has fathered three pairs of children. He's been bankrupt, a classical piano player, and played for Australia in international squash. Genius of Junk is the story of how Malcolm Simons turned Junk into gold, enflaming one of the greatest controversies of our time - the control and ownership of our genetic material. As he faces the greatest battle of all, Malcolm Simons takes us on a unique personal and scientific journey, to the heart of the things that matter to the very core of life - and death.

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30 mins
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