Catalyst - Climate Change Special

A Catalyst special on the pressing environmental issue of our time.

Carbon Bigfoot

If you could pay some money to wipe away your greenhouse impact, would you do it? Chances are you already have. Offsetting carbon is a lucrative new industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide, and growing fast. The attraction is that carbon offsets promise we can deal with global warming without changing our lifestyle... and with carbon at the core of our entire economy, this has become a very fashionable idea. Catalyst visits cow paddocks and factories to investigate carbon offsets. What would it take to become 'carbon neutral' on a business scale? What does making a year's worth of science stories leave behind in the atmosphere? Reporter Mark Horstman's journey ends in the office of ABC Managing Director, Mark Scott, to find out the price we're prepared to pay for our environmental cost.

The Consumers' Guide To Carbon Conscious Shopping

We've all heard that switching light bulbs and walking to work are ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. But, you may be surprised to know that our domestic energy consumption is NOT the greatest contributor to our personal carbon footprints. So, what are the greater contributors, and what can we do about them? Catalyst reporter, Dr. Maryanne Demasi put together a consumers' guide to carbon conscious shopping. Professor David Karoly There aren't many people on the planet that know more about climate change than Australian climatologist Professor David Karoly. His work with the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change brought him international recognition. Now, as a Federation Fellow at the University of Melbourne, his expertise is back in Australia... and he's determined to make a difference.

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