Catalyst - Canberra Firestorm

In this summer of fire, one tragedy stands out - the Canberra bushfires. In a single day, four lives were lost and more than 500 homes were destroyed in and around our national Capital.
Within days of the tragedy, fire experts from the CSIRO were searching for answers. Catalyst followed their investigation into a fire that has re-written the rules of how bushfires behave. The story weaves together the graphic accounts of the fire victims, with the investigative team’s analysis of why the fires defied all expectations.
The story investigates why so many homes were lost, how a bushfire could strike deep inside a suburb, and why this fire developed into an uncontrollable wildfire. Find out exactly what went wrong, and discover what we can do to be better prepared next time. The results tackle one of the big questions - should people leave their homes or stay and fight the fire.

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Production Year: 
27 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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