Cars That Ate China, The

China is in the midst of an automotive revolution that has not been witnessed since the halcyon days of Henry Ford. Cars are now the ultimate symbol of status and prosperity in a country that is well on its way to becoming the biggest economy in the world. But car culture is also bringing about volatile class divisions, the world's worst air pollution, and fierce global competition for limited resources. And it's only just begun.
China is already the second largest auto market in the world and will soon be the biggest - automakers from around the world are in a feeding frenzy for a piece of the action. Today, car culture is everywhere - in television ads, glossy magazines, glitzy showrooms and international auto shows with scantily clad models. For China's rising middle class, the new prosperity symbolised by the car is intoxicating. For the future of Chinese society, the environment and the world, some of the prospects are chilling.
The story of The Cars That Ate China is told through a diverse group of characters whose lives have been transformed by the car revolution.

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55 mins
Series Episode
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