From the early 1800's Aboriginal people have been used as guides and trackers by the police force. This century one of the most highly regarded was Sergeant Alexander Riley of Dubbo, NSW. In 1943 Alexander Riley was awarded the highest police award, the King's Medal for distinguished services. During tracker Riley's time with the NSW Police Force 1911 - 1950 he was instrumental in solving over seven murder cases and finding numerous people lost in the bush. A great many people owe their lives to his exceptional tracking skills.

This beautifully made and penetrating film is tribute to Tracker Riley, one of the greatest of all Aboriginal trackers as told by his family and descendants. His life encompassed a period of great oppression in the history of Aboriginal people, but, Tracker Riley's legendary skills and deep humanity lifted him above the ignorance of the times.

Michael Riley produced and directed this film as a tribute to his grandfather, Alexander 'Tracker' Riley. A great many people owe their lives to Tracker Riley.

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Production Year: 
30 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $66

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