Magazine-style program combining items of information and background to issues together with comedy segments and music performance using Aboriginal talent throughout. Episodes cover Aboriginal events and personalities nationwide.
Produced by the ABC-TV Aboriginal Programs Unit, Blackout deals with contemporary issues of Aboriginal life and includes current news items, interviews and musical performances.
Best Kept Secret - Archie Roach
A profile of multi award-winning Aboriginal singer/songwriter Archie Roach. Archie provides testimony of his life as one of the "stolen generation". From pain to triumph and discovery of his family and Aboriginal culture, Archie expresses his emotions through narrative and musical re-enactments.
This program explores why students have chosen to be part of the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre and what dance means to them. For the first time since the creation of the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre 15 years ago, an Aboriginal Artistic Director, Steven Page, leads the company. Students and staff alike agree their personal experience has been a lot of guts, blood and tears, taking them to a level of quality only experienced at the end of year performance where sharing their cultural diversity with others is a focus theme.
This program looks at the education system in Australia and for the first time allows Kooris to voice opinions on their own personal educational experiences. They share with us their fears and hopes and heartaches in a system that is also failing white Australia.
Kevin Gilbert
The life of Kevin Gilbert - Aboriginal poet, playwright, artist and political activist. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder at the age of 23 and spent almost 15 years in goal, where he educated himself and wrote his first political pieces, poetry and plays, which won awards in the outside world.
Kevin Gilbert is the author of the books "Because a White Man'll Never Do It" and "Living Black", and began the Treaty 88 campaign to gain sovereignty for black Australians. He also refused the Human Rights Award for literature as a protest against white society.
This program takes a look at the life of David Malangi, one of Australia's most celebrated traditional artists whose work has been exhibited in galleries and collected privately throughout the world. In 1965, before Malangi became internationally renowned, the Reserve Bank of Australia used one of his paintings depicting a funeral scene as a design for the new one dollar note. Unfortunately, David became aware of this only after the notes were being circulated in 1966. As a compensation payment for using the artwork, Malangi was awarded a medal, a dinghy, an army tent and $500.
This drama, the first ever to come out of 'Blackout', considers three major aspects of Aboriginal reality - assimilation, adoption and sexual abuse, and looks at how these circumstances have prompted the creation of addictive personalities. It is the ugly, yet surprisingly beautiful, story of four troubled young people living together in a city squat. Although this film is about Aboriginal people, it is essentially about people in general - their anguish, their pain and their need to be loved and accepted.
This is a revolutionary look at Aboriginality and Koori cultural and spiritual beliefs prior to 1788. It tells of the breakdown when the white man came, it questions Christian ethics, how the Christian doctrine destroyed the performing culture, but not the spiritual culture.

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