Big House, The

This three-part documentary series filmed over 10 years focuses on the Australian prison system and its impact on the lives of inmates on the inside and their families who wait for their return into society. Ep 1 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind David Goldie spent more time filming inside Australian maximum security prisons than any other film-maker before him - or since. His film gives a rare insight into the punishment of crime in Australia. Ep 2 - From the Inside This program tracks down prisoners who appeared in the first documentary and attempts to discover whether the punishment they experience in Australian jails has 'corrected' their lives. Ep 3 - Going Straight Every third Australian male inmate will return to jail within two years of their release. David Goldie looks at why some prisoners keep clear of crime and others fail. He also spends time with women in prison and the children of these women who live with them.

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3 x 56 mins
Series Episode
Standard $275
Schools $187

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