Being Me

An ABC Health Series that encourages kids to know themselves, like themselves and be themselves. These eight programs explore issues that concern young people and present a range of skills to help them manage their lives. Age Level: for middle to upper primary students The series has been researched and developed with the assistance of state and territory curriculum offers in the field of personal development, health and physical education.

Ep 1 - Identity This program looks at our identity. What is identity and what factors influence it? It explores the idea that there are many parts to our personalities and that we are all individuals with our ideas, own choices to make and something special to offer.

Ep 2 - Happy to be Me This program sets up the idea that our self-esteem is something that can change depending on the situation and how we manage it. It looks at the benefits of high self-esteem and identifies skills for boosting self-esteem such as; knowing our strengths, taking on challenges, staying calm and helpful thinking (self talk).

Ep 3 - Belonging This program looks at the benefits of belonging, whether it's in our family, a team, with friends, with a pet or through a connection with a special place. It looks at ways we can make connections with others, at our roles and responsibilities as members of different groups and explores ways to help other people feel included.

Ep 4 - Making Friends Being a friendly person and learning how to make friends involves important life skills. This program explores why we need friends, how to be friendly and how to treat other people with respect. It also looks at ways to make friends including using conversation skills such as ice breakers, question asking and active listening.

Ep 5 - Keeping Friends Once friendships have been made is it all smooth sailing? This program looks at common friendship challenges like arguments, exclusion, gossiping and teasing. It presents strategies to help children deal with these situations, communication, negotiation, assertiveness, co-operation and staying calm.

Ep 6 - Power and Responsibility This program examines the idea of responsibility and power in relationships and identifies times where power is abused by someone, such as in a bullying situation, and looks at how that can affect us. The program presents a range of strategies, including staying calm, being assertive, helpful thinking and help- seeking to assist young people in managing difficult situations.

Ep 7 - Changes This program identifies change as a normal part of life that can present special challenges. The program looks at transitions in young people's lives. eg to high school, to adolescence, or to another state or country. Strategies are presented to help young people manage change including preparing for changes they know will happen.

Ep 8 - Taking Risks This program explores the idea that intelligent risk-taking helps children learn, grow and gain confidence. It shows children that everything from sticking up for a friend to overcoming a disability can be risky and that there can be positive and negative outcomes. It encourages risk assessment and explores the importance of decision-making.

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8 x 20 mins
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