Bad Behaviour

This three part documentary series explores, with criminals themselves, the perplexing question of why they break the law. Rather than focusing on the familiar commentators on crime - lawyers, criminologists, psychologists and police - this series concentrates on the perpetrators, the offenders. Bad Behaviour journeys deep into the minds of offenders - exploring the sometimes shocking choices they have made and challenging them with issues of personal responsibility. As Producer Jenny Brockie questions each criminal, portraits of greed, recklessness, peer pressure, opportunism, anger, addiction, power and self-delusion begin to emerge. Profiling the criminal mind is commonplace in the world of fiction, but Bad Behaviour presents a rare and revealing glimpse of criminality in the real world.

Ep 1 - Footloose. Episode 1 of Bad Behaviour introduces a variety of offenders - a petty thief, a white collar criminal and two drug importers. For different reasons each has lost touch with reality. For Mario the petty thief, a decision to take social club money from his employer, the National Crime Authority, cost him his job as a cleaner. For 'Sally', defrauding the Commonwealth seemed the logical course to take in a life that had spiralled out of control. For two drug importers, both foreign nationals, fantasy and a sense of life in the fast lane, figure in their decisions to break the law.

Ep 2 - Man for the Month. Five young robbers feature in this episode - four are male, three are related. While drugs and gambling are themes in Episode 2, there are also descriptions of how some young men find crime exciting and an affirmation of manhood. Des, Ed and Daniel have all been convicted of robberies but no single robbery involved all three of them. The young woman in this program, Jasmine provides a strong counterpoint. Her crime does not have its roots in power, but in drug dependence. Nevertheless she admits to some of the emotions the young men express - exhilaration, fear and the fleeting excitement associated with crime.

Ep 3 - Hurting People. This episode addresses the question of how one human being can reach the stage where he or she is able to hurt, even kill, another. Four people are interviewed - two men and two women, each with a very different motivation for committing his or her crime. The most disturbing of the three films, this episode explores feelings of detachment and underlying anger. What emerges is the impression that violence erupts less from a conscious decision to defy moral boundaries, than from a fundamental inability to empathise with others.

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