Australian Story - The War Zone (Jane Hansen)

Jane Hansen lived a charmed life. She channelled all the opportunities of her generation - education, challenge and adventure - into a successful career as a television journalist. A life covering news-breaking events around the world was always going to sit uneasily with her desire to have a family. By her mid-30s, she realised it was now or never. But her move to try for a baby coincided with a traumatic work episode. An interview went horribly wrong when the subject committed suicide. Devastated and guilt stricken, Jane found herself in the media's unforgiving spotlight. Ten years on her struggle on the road to motherhood has seen her confront every parent's worst nightmare. When Jane Hansen's baby was born three months premature, she faced a fear far worse than anything thrown at her from a war zone.

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Production Year: 
28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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