Australian Story - Ticket to Tigray (Shane Dolan)

Shane Dolan was a small businessman doing comfortably well when he came across a job advertisement for an aid worker in Africa. Wanting to build a better world and keen to offer his skills as a water technician, he signed up with Community Aid Abroad and embarked for the war torn province of Tigray, in Ethiopia.
In the midst of war and drought and famine, Shane Dolan set to work building wells with co-worker Peter Morrison. Part of his extraordinary job brief was to risk life and limb running gelignite across the border from Sudan - an executable offence and something that came back to haunt him during his years back in Australia. Late in 2009 he finally managed to put the ghosts to rest when he was invited back to Tigray for a life-affirming trip to discover the fruits of his labour.

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Production Year: 
28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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