Australian Story - Light of Their Lives (Stu & Shirley Buchanan)

On a lonely Australian headland, one of our oldest lighthouses has been dying for 18 years. The plight of the historic landmark on Bustard Head, named exactly 234 years ago on May 24 by Captain James Cook, would have been tragic if not for the crusade of passionate former lighthouse keepers Stuart and Shirley Buchanan.
They fell in love with the beautiful Bustard Head location when they were lighthouse keepers there in 70s, but when they learned the abandoned station cottages had been severely vandalised in the 90s, and State Government Parks and Wildlife Service wanted to bulldoze the site, they were livid. But their pleas to State Government for help fell on deaf ears and obstacles seemed to block their path at every turn. Then they received a $140,000 Commonwealth Heritage Grant and their dream to revive their beloved Bustard Head took shape. But not before a long, hard and costly journey that tried their nerves and their resolve on many occasions.

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Production Year: 
28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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