Australian Story - It's a Beautiful Day (Jessica Disteldorf)

Twenty four year-old banking analyst, Jessica Disteldorf is beautiful, witty and smart. But she's caught in a race against time to find the man of her dreams, settle down and start a family. Jessica Disteldorf's life ambitions are no different from those of many Gen Y-ers. But she faces daunting odds. Jessica has cancer and doctors say it’s terminal. Jessica began documenting her journey with a video diary for Australian Story that captures the raw, powerful and sometimes amusing twists and turns of her life. Australian Story viewers first met Jessica well before she was diagnosed, on a high school research trip to the killing fields of Gallipoli. The resulting program, 'Carve their Names with Pride' became one of the program's best loved episodes. Six years later, the program caught up with her again as a 23 year-old. Between the first program and this one, Jessica had survived a rare form of cancer and been told she was completely cured.

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Production Year: 
28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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