Australian Story - City of Angels (Alisa Latto)

If you could die at any moment, how would you live your life? Would you attempt to have children?
These were the dilemmas that confronted Alisa Latto and her husband Alastair.
Alisa, who is 36, was born with a life threatening genetic condition – one shared by her two siblings and her mother, Rosemary... When her oldest brother died two years ago Alisa said it became crystal clear there were only two ways she could live her life. 'I was either going to do nothing or everything'.
After undergoing open heart surgery, she decided the one thing she really wanted was to experience motherhood but doctors said there was a good chance she would die if she bore a child. She looked at adoption and surrogacy but everywhere she turned, everything was stacked against her – legally, medically and financially.
Eventually she tracked down an overseas laboratory that was able to examine her DNA and isolate the faulty gene that causes the connective tissue disorder. But she still faced major obstacles. Then, in Los Angeles, an unexpected saviour appeared in the form of a 27 year old mother called Brandi Brewster.
This episode of Australian Story follows Alisa and her family on an incredible journey with more twists and turns than anyone could ever have anticipated.

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Production Year: 
27 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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