Australian Story - A Beautiful Mind (Melissa Holland)

Melissa Holland thought she was "lucky" when a last-minute seat became available for a getaway break on King Island with five nursing colleagues. It turned out to be the start of a tragic turn of events that changed her life forever. After a couple of days relaxing on the island, the friends boarded their light plane to return to Melbourne. But a treacherous crosswind brought the plane back down. Three nurses died including the pilot, and Melissa was dragged from the wreckage severely injured. Melissa sustained frontal brain damage, shattered vertebrae, and ankle and elbow damage. She spent months in hospital and years in rehabilitation re learning basic skills. Her courage and progress have amazed everyone who knows her and she is now on track to re enter the profession she loved before her accident. Melissa has fought to put her life back together without any compensation or insurance payout despite a long legal wrangle. She doesn't want pity for her plight, but justice for a situation that has been no fault of her own. Melissa mustered all her courage and again boarded a plane and returned for the first time to King Island. Australian Story went with her as she embarked on a series of emotionally charged reunions with the people who saved her life six years ago.

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Production Year: 
27 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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