Australia: Eye of the Storm

This fascinating and visually spectacular series documents the natural history of Australia and how it responds to extreme climatic events.
Ep 1. La Nina
Cyclones. Massive floods. Endless rain. Some years eastern Australia seems almost to disappear underwater. This is the story of La Nina. The story of Australia's unique creatures and how they cope with this wettest of catastrophes. For some, like the Red kangaroo, it's the chance of a lifetime. La Nina is a climate phenomenon, the sister of El Nino. Where El Nino left drought, La Nina causes floods, massive cyclones, endless rain. La Nina is in character the total opposite to her brother - the other half of the Southern Oscillation puzzle.
Ep 2. Southern Exposure
Southern Australia lies exposed to the icy moods of the great Southern Ocean and Antarctica. This giant climate engine dominates the annual seasons and the life stories of the wildlife of Southern Australia. Southern Exposure represents four seasons in a year in southern Australia and how they are affected by the dramatic massing and shrinking of the polar ice-cap. Filmed in Antarctica, on Macquarie Island, Tasmania, Bass Strait Islands, and on the mainland of Australia, the program provides a unique insight into Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, which together form one of the most powerful weather systems in the world.
Ep 3. El Nino
The very name can strike fear in people. From devastating floods in South America to the heartbreaking droughts and fires in Australia. This program focuses on Australia's diverse wildlife, observing how animals and plants have adapted to huge swings in climate.
Ep 4. Monsoon
Lightning bolts streak across the sky and thunder shakes the earth. The monsoon has arrived in Australia's north-west. It has come from Asia, pushed by winds from the distant Himalayan peaks, fueled with rain from equatorial Indonesia and driven by the heat of the tropical sun. This is the land of extremes, a region of seasonal wet and dry, the home of the Australian monsoon.

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