This program deals with mainstream issues of Australian Society through the eyes of a journalistic team who are all under the age of 24 years. Aimed at a younger audience, without alienating older viewers, the series covers one topic per episode, ranging from employment to racism, relationships to drugs. It reports on issues, personalities and events of national interest, particularly relevant to the 18-25 year age group.
This episode looks at how we treat young migrants in Australia. We examine why racism exists and whether or not the media and entertainment industries contribute to it. We look at moves to legislate against it. And we meet the latest immigrants from Asian countries who seem to bear the brunt of racist hostility.
We take a compelling look at one of the biggest killers of young Australians - Suicide. In the face of resistance from the experts who claim that to discuss suicide is to encourage it, Attitude has talked to the survivors of suicide. We also meet the families who talk in hindsight of the warning signs.
An in-depth look at employment among young Australians, who tell their stories of good news, bad news and hopes for the future. The program includes vox pop segments: What I do for a job; youth wages; general feelings about work.
This episode looks at the controversial subject of homophobia in schools, as young gay people express their attitudes on the matter. The program features a special report from American correspondent, Kelly Taylor, looks at the unique 'Harvey Milk School for Gays'.
Juvenile Justice
This program questions the justice system as it exists for juveniles in Australia; looks at the different effects community-based orders have as compared to imprisonment. A NZ reporter presents a segment outlining how 'Family Group Conferencing' works, through a case study of juvenile offender Jake, his father, his victim and a judge. The Australian segments include interviews with inmates at Parklea Prison and the Bronsnan Centre. How effective is the system?
Against His Will
When someone mentions rape, it's usually thought of a man raping a woman. However, the fact is men also rape other men and the incidence of this is not isolated. Attitude talks to two male rape survivors and looks at the repercussions the rape has had on their lives and also talk to the police about how common male rape really is, and we discover just how few services there are for male rape survivors.
Mental Health
We look at mental health in Australia, focusing on the treatment of young people with mental illnesses. We look at issues such as early detection and prevention in the health system and whether Australia provides care and support for those suffering from these health problems. We interview those people directly affected by these sorts of illnesses and look at why the legal system becomes involved in some of these cases.

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