Animal Attraction, The

This series looks at the big seven domestic animals, dog, cats, horses, pigs, cattle, sheep and goats. Presented by Jonica Newby, the series tells the story of how they each left the wild to join with humans and how the partnership changed both humans and their animal companions.
Ep 1 - The Pact for Survival - How wolves became dogs
We venture way back into the past. We find out how humans and dogs came together and discover it didn't quite happen the noble way we might imagine. We explore the startling mitochondrial DNA evidence that suggests dogs may be ten times as ancient as we ever realised. And we ask how dogs were changed by the partnership, and what a 50 year experiment with tail-wagging foxes might have to show us about domestication.
Ep 2 - The Animals that Conquered the World Cats, horses, cattle, sheep and pigs - who civilised who?
Introduces us to the animals that followed the dog. Meet the horse who nearly didn't make it, and the closest living thing to the ancestral horse; the Przwalski horse. Also, the mighty bull who had to make a couple of small sacrifices and the cat who became an addict. Along with the sheep, the goat, the cat, the dog and the pig, they made up domestication's 'magnificent seven'.
Ep 3 - Are You Talking to Me? - How we talk to each other
We look at communication - how cats, dogs, horses and humans have had to attempt to become multilingual. Along the way we meet the Animal IQ man, Professor Stan Coren, who gives us tips on talking to furry aliens. We visit some Southampton scientists who conduct experiments on cat haters. And the horse whisperer who doesn't whisper. We also find out how good horses are at mazes.
Ep 4 - The People vs The Pig - Animals on trial
Takes us over to the dark side. Our relationships with other animals are not all sweetness and light. And over the centuries, we've come up with some truly bizarre attempts to justify our actions. We explore the ethical complexity of our dependence on animals. We find out why animals were put on trial in the middle ages, what witchcraft had to do with pet ownership, and how pet keeping transformed our society.
Ep 5 - Going the Distance - Have they got a future?
We find out which animals will go the distance in the Domestication Stakes.
First out of the gates is the horse, who seems to be travelling well, but could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Next are the production animals, who despite some problems are convincing scientists that we need to be nicer to pigs.

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