Andrew Denton's Gallipoli: Brothers in Arms

This story is the result of a visit by Andrew Denton to Gallipoli in 2006 for ANZAC Day, 25 April. The Dawn Service at Anzac Cove, once a modest gathering of souls, has become an event on a scale that rivals the original invitation. The gentle, grassy slopes of this Turkish landmark are thronged with the relatives of those who fought and died, veterans of other conflicts, the merely curious and a generation of backpackers paying their respects as they circle the globe. Andrew Denton went to meet some of these pilgrims for ENOUGH ROPE, to listen to their stories, to ask why they had made the journey and what they were learning from it. Focusing on the wartime experiences of three pairs of brothers as told by the families who remember them, he returned with a portrait of a special place which, then and now, is crucial to our understanding of ourselves and our nation.

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54 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $88

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