The AI Race

In a one-hour special we explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change your job as new research shows how much of what you do could be done by robots. From truckies to lawyers & doctors, we bring affected workers face to face with AI experts.

We talk to international leaders in the field including Google's Research Director Peter Norvig, an icon amoung AI researchers, who say the pace of change could be "a shock to the system" that will be "hard to recover from". One of Australia's leading AI scientiss Toby Walsh is calling for a national discussion about whether we need boundaries around how AI is developed and used in our lives.

Ecnomist Andrew Charlton says "Hundreds of thousands of jobs we do today willbe replaced by machines...I don't think everyone needs to become a coder. If AI is any good, machines will be better at writincode thn humans. People need to work wih the output of those machines and turn it into valuable services."

We bring workers face to face with AI experts to quiz them about what the future might look like and how they can prepare. Other interviews include US-based Ausralan data scientist Jeremy Howard, who brillantly describes the wonderful and terrifying implications of AI; Cathy O'Neil, the US author of Weapons of Math Destruction who believes AI could be used to undermine democracy; and a panel of Australian politicans responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.


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55 mins
AI, automation, technology,
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