After the Deluge (Queensland Floods)

Still the rain falls and for an astonishing third year in a row the outback rivers flow all the way to Lake Eyre. After the long drought, nature works overtime right across eastern Australia to make up for lost years. The Darling River is full, carrying floodwaters from Queensland to the bottom of New South Wales. There it empties into the swollen Murray River which is struggling to drain an inland sea covering a big area of Victoria. Right at the bottom of the Murray in South Australia water now streams out to sea and every day the area, which was slipping into environmental ruin, takes another step back from disaster.

But the dramatic transformation comes at a terrible price. In south east Queensland a deluge strikes fear into communities that suddenly find themselves in the path of fast rising flood waters. A torrent sweeps through Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, bringing death and devastation. The small town of Grantham suffers most. Residents provide graphic accounts about how they manage to live through the disaster – a flash flood of incredible force and speed that rises to enormous heights and sweeps all before it. Deeply moving eyewitness stories of survival and tragedy. All the terror – and the beauty – of the flooding rains across the wide brown land.

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Production Year: 
58 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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