Ace Day Jobs

A fun series of 5 minute video episodes of Australians with innovative careers; it's about people who love their work, and how they got into it, often with twists and turns along the way!
Episodes include:
Broadcast Engineer
Every time you turn on your television, flick to the ABC and get a clear picture, you know that Natalie Biady is doing her job. Natalie always liked watching television, and as broadcast engineer she makes sure that everyone else can too.
Audiologists test and diagnose people's hearing from all age groups, from babies right through to adults. They also undergo training with hearing aids and cochlear implants, and may also specialise in fitting hearing aids or testing balance. Jason Chew discovered audiology when he was studying speech pathology at uni. After visiting a hearing centre to check out what happens, he was hooked.
As a crime scene investigator Isabel Logan works on crime scenes for everything from burglaries to car thefts, fires, armed robberies, assaults and death. Each day Isabel’s team is allocated jobs according to their area of specialty. A job consists of talking to the complainants, ascertaining the circumstances surrounding the incident, searching for potential evidence and examining it.
Hydrographic Surveyor
Venessa uses boat-based navigation software to carry out survey work to ensure the minimum declared depth is maintained in the channels and berths of Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay. Part of this work involves ensuring there are no objects located within shipping lanes, including supervision of the removal of any objects if necessary. It also involves production of new charts for navigation based on newly collected surveyed depths.
Scott’s job sees him counting turtle eggs one day and tagging dugongs the next. He works with sea rangers in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Tiwi Islands to tag and measure turtles and count their eggs. He follows the turtles by satellite tracking and puts the results on the web to share with schools. He also provides western science data to Aboriginal communities who own 85% of the coastline, to help them manage the area and have the science to address policy makers on land care issues.
Electronic Engineer
Steve looks after the projects his company runs on a day to day basis, does a large amount of R&D work himself, and is responsible for maintaining the patent portfolio. Some of the projects are quite interesting, for instance the electric bicycle, now on sale in Australia as the Avanti Electra.

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