900 Neighbours

In February 2006 Australia's media was rocked by a headline, Skeleton Man Found In Housing Commission Flat. The man had died 6 months before, and all that remained was his skeleton.

Built in the 1950s in the post-war effort to clear slums and create affordable housing for those in need, Northcott was opened with pride and joy in 1961. It was the largest public housing in the Southern Hemisphere, featuring the latest Swedish design and housing a thousand people.

But now the story is very different. As the public housing system comes increasingly under pressure to house the mentally ill, ex-prisoners, recovering addicts and those battling serious drug and alcohol issues, Northcott is becoming a haven for those in crisis. But Northcott is also the home of some incredible Sydney characters. Sandy, Mark and Dolly are just three of the tenants involved in a show called STICKYBRICKS - a performance piece put on by the tenants in collaboration with Big Hart - an arts organisation which has been working inside Northcott for 3 years, aiming to give a voice to its tenants.

The collaborating artists include renowned theatre director Scott Rankin, celebrity actors Kerry Armstrong, Leah Purcell and Lex Marinos, and the late musician Jackie Orszaczky.

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