7.30 Report - Population Debate Compile 2010

Australia faces a population explosion of 60 per cent or more over the next four decades. Can we manage that in an environmentally sustainable way, without a corrosive decline in both urban and regional lifestyles?

Over one week The 7.30 Report explored the population debate – problems, potential solutions and the need for change, and listed below are the segments available for sale in this special compilation.

The Population Debate
Reporter Matt Peacock starts with the overview of the debate.

Sustainable Living
The recent record-breaking drought has already forced planners to re-think strategies about how to keep our cities and farms running sustainably.

The Social Impact
This segment looks at the impact of the population boom on Australia's social cohesion as our cultural mix changes.

Kevin Rudd on a "big Australia"
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaks with Kerry O'Brien

The Population Debate Forum
A special forum on Australia's population. Our panelists include Heather Ridout from the Australian Industry Group, Scientist and Author Tim Flannery, Director of Griffith University's Urban Research Program Professor Brendan Gleeson and KPMG Demographer Bernard Salt.

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