7.30 Report - 30th Anniversary of Whitlam Dismissal

30 Years after the dismissal of the Whitlam government by Sir John Kerr, The 7.30 Report reflects on the dramatic events of November 11, 1975 and talks at length to the two central political players about the dismissal, its aftermath and whether even now, there's need to change the system.
In this 7.30 Report special, the events leading up to what has now become known simply as 'the Dismissal' are revisited. From the compromising of the Government over the failure to secure a $4 billion loan, to ministerial sackings, the blocking of the budget by Liberal opposition leader Malcolm Fraser, to the Governor General's dismissal of the Government without warning. This special report provides a backdrop to the continuing debate over constitutional reform.
The program features interviews with both Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser who comment on the events of 1975, discuss the possibility of 4 year fixed terms for both the House of Representatives and the Senate and reflect upon the politics of modern Australia, and upon each other.

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