“You Can’t Ask That – Invictus Games”

'You Can't Ask That', a proudly homegrown ABC original format, puts misunderstood and marginalised Australians front and centre. The program confronts prejudice and discrimination by offering searing insights into the lives of divers Australians who live in judgement. During the 2018 Invictus Games ABC screened a series of six 4-minute episodes featuring former and current members of the Australian Invictus Games team. By asking only the hard questions and allowing Invictus Games athletes to answer in their own words with conviction, candidness, fervour and humour, the series added new voices and fresh perspectives to the ABC's Invictus Games coverage.

Episode 1: Invictus Games athletes answer: "The Invictus Games is for sick and wounded soldiers. What's wrong with you?"

Episode 2: Invictus Games athletes answer: " What the hell's the Invictus Games and why should we care?"

Episode 3: Invictus Games athletes answer: " How did you go from being a broken soldier to representing Australia?"

Episode 4: Invictus Games athletes answer: "How does playing a glorified sports carnival fix a group of horrifically injured and fragile people?"

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6 x 4mins
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